Surrendering to Our Guiding System

Moving forward often requires stillness.  In order to reach a destination, we must travel a road filled with stop signs. The stop signs, red lights, and detours are all beacons that are guiding us throughout our navigation in life.

Think about how we rely on a navigation app; you enter your destination, click “Go” when ready, and simply follow the commands.  Turn left.  Turn Right.  Watch out; object ahead.  If you’re like me and use the WAZE app, it will often take you through unconventional streets in order to navigate you away from traffic.  Sometimes, I get frustrated as I challenge the commands aloud, Why do you want me to turn left.  That’s not the way.  I’m not going to do that.

I use my own knowledge and follow the route that I have traveled many times before because I know the way and then realize that I will drive myself straight into heavy traffic, an accident, or worse; make a wrong turn and get completely lost.  After shaking my head, I smile, pull over and reload the app.  When I hear the command, “let’s go” I surrender to the guiding system.  I realize the navigator is leading me based on a satellite view.

gpsThe complexities of how a GPS (global positioning system) works, stems beyond my full understanding.  What is clear is that there is a constellation of satellites positioned around the world, communicating with their ground stations.  Perhaps it mirrors an internal signal we carry that communicates with the Universe, “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Guidance is within.  Deep down inside, there is a knowing in all of us.  As a mother, I have often given my children advice.   Although I had the best intention, I have also instilled in them to follow their gut, even if it opposed my counsel.  As they got older, and I grew wiser, I stopped hovering over them (as the late Wayne Dyer says in his movie The Shift).  Often times, I projected my own fear of what I didn’t want for them based on my past experience.  I stopped interfering with their Dharma and ceased attempting to play God.  I surrendered, knowing that the same God force that lives within me; guiding me; lives within them, and the entire Universe.  In the words of Kahlil Gibran’s masterpiece, The Prophet, he writes, “Your children are not your children.  They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.  They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.”

I believe that when we are born, we are born with an internal navigation system.  We are equipped with energetic fields of communications that are stationed to watch over us; guide us; protect us.  We only need to stay connected and allow Source to lead the way, trusting that every turn, every detour, every stop sign is strategically placed in our favor.  Don’t vilify what is happening in your experience.  Just accept it as is.  Even when we feel lost, all we have to do is ask for direction.  The Universe is listening.

Sit in silence.  Quiet your mind.  Open your heart.  Surrender.  Be in a space of allowing.  The answer is within you.  You will be guided.  Trust your gut.  Move forward in the direction you are lead.  Remember who you are is not based on what you do.  Simply follow your calling.  You are already absolute existence and exactly where you need to be.

One thought on “Surrendering to Our Guiding System”

  1. WOW Pretty this is sooooooo amazing. As I sat here and read this…it is all 100% true. It is difficult to surrender to our guiding system, but sometimes that’s all we can do! Thank you for sharing, and your writing is just absolutely incredible, flawless, well written. In other words it’s easy to read and understand it. I am so proud of you. Love you, your sister Yvette!!! 🙂

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