Chilaquiles for One Please

Have you ever felt rejected by someone you love (mother, father, lover, friend)?

While attempting to find understanding you ask yourself, why? (which draws further confusion and anguish because your question is answered with an exasperated version of facts that would deem anyone insane for not reciprocating love.)   After all; you…are…wonderful!  You keep record of all the things you have done in spite of your own gain (or at least that’s what you tell yourself, ignoring how good you feel when you serve others).

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10 Lessons from Mom

I am grateful for the life lessons I’ve learned from my mother Reyna Cruz.  Her birth name is actually Amalia Hernandez, however, my mother changed it when she was a rising superstar (singer/artist) of Maricahi music (Mexican Folk) to Reyna Cruz.  The translation for Reyna means Queen, and Cruz means cross.   This is how my mother has always carried herself,  with grace and a royal air to her, like a queen.

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