10 Lessons from Mom

I am grateful for the life lessons I’ve learned from my mother Reyna Cruz.  Her birth name is actually Amalia Hernandez, however, my mother changed it when she was a rising superstar (singer/artist) of Maricahi music (Mexican Folk) to Reyna Cruz.  The translation for Reyna means Queen, and Cruz means cross.   This is how my mother has always carried herself,  with grace and a royal air to her, like a queen.

As a young girl, before I left for school, she would pray over me and say, “I bless your coming, and your going.  I speak that angels surround you.  I lift a shield of fire around you,  and God I ask that you make her invisible to anyone that would want to harm her.  I pray for a fresh anointing from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet.  She is your daughter and heir of the land.  I bless her with grace and favor and I speak that everything she touches, prospers!  ”  I would leave my house feeling like I could slay dragons!

She taught me how to be fearless, bold; how to speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves.  She showed me that all things are possible if you believe.  She taught me the power of the spoken word, and gave me peace when circumstances were not going the way I planned by saying, “All things work for the better good.” And they always did.

There is a myriad of lessons I’ve learned from my life experience with my mother…my teacher, however, in this list, I added my top 10.

As a living example of her lessons, she has had a dream to record a bolero album, which she has just released.  It is a beautiful piece of art, and I am extremely proud of her!

10 Lessons Mom

1. “No te justifiques.” Don’t make excuses.  Take Ownership for your mistakes.

2. “Mantén tu palabra.” Be a person of your word.

3. “Habla las cosas que no son como si fueran.” Speak the things that are not as if they are so.

4. “Sé puntual.” Be punctual.  Arrive 15 minutes early to your appointments.

5. “Sé fiel en lo poco.” Be faithful in the small things.  If you can’t keep a room clean, how do you expect to keep a house clean?

6. Be kind to animals. Feed them.  Love them.  And if needed…rescue them.

7. Live with purpose.   “You have a gift, share it with the world.”

8. Be Grateful.  In all things be grateful and always do your best.

9. Follow your passion.  It’s never to late to fulfill your dreams.

10. “Todo es posible para el que cree.” All things are possible, if you believe.

Thanks Mom!  Happy Mother’s Day

My mother Reyna Cruz

What are your top 10 lessons?

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