How Far We’ve Come

It’s been over three months since my last post. After writing Dear MichelleI became a marathon enthusiast of Netflix, in addition to taking long naps and consuming plenty of fast food which contributed to my weight gain (I’m usually toggling between five to seven pounds).  Each time I sat with my laptop and placed my fingers on my keyboard, all I could do was type jibberish (ndkwldmfkthslsiekdkdeldk).

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Return to Gratitude

Sunday morning came accompanied by my usual ritual; I open my eyes, wonder where I am because for a brief moment all is a blur, that is until my eyes gain focus and then in an instant I remember.  I reach for my cell phone to confirm the hour, stretch a bit, and then rise, but wait; I’m not alone.  Lying next to me is The Judge telling me I should have gotten up sooner, along with The Drill Sergeant who points at my stomach and pudgy arms demanding that I drop (in the voice of my son) and give him 10 push-ups, (I can’t even endure one) and The Victim who tells me to simply pull the cover over my eyes and go back to sleep.

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Chilaquiles for One Please

Have you ever felt rejected by someone you love (mother, father, lover, friend)?

While attempting to find understanding you ask yourself, why? (which draws further confusion and anguish because your question is answered with an exasperated version of facts that would deem anyone insane for not reciprocating love.)   After all; you…are…wonderful!  You keep record of all the things you have done in spite of your own gain (or at least that’s what you tell yourself, ignoring how good you feel when you serve others).

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10 Lessons from Mom

I am grateful for the life lessons I’ve learned from my mother Reyna Cruz.  Her birth name is actually Amalia Hernandez, however, my mother changed it when she was a rising superstar (singer/artist) of Maricahi music (Mexican Folk) to Reyna Cruz.  The translation for Reyna means Queen, and Cruz means cross.   This is how my mother has always carried herself,  with grace and a royal air to her, like a queen.

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Night Falls

My beautiful grand-nephew MJ

If life is a mirror that offers a true reflection of oneself; what is life showing you?

I asked this question recently as I surveyed my surroundings.  In the last five months, I’ve moved three times, and everywhere I’ve been, I end up rearranging other people’s homes, even when I’m visiting!  You might call it a gift; a knack for organizing espoused by an intolerance to clutter.  Whether it be a closet, room, drawer, home, office; it doesn’t matter; somehow, I always find the best use for that space.  Continue reading Night Falls

Being Selfish

(My daughter and I. Malibu 2015) Picture by: my daughter Priscilla.

I’ve been wanting to visit the beach for about a year now. You would think that its proximity is so out of reach that dipping my feet at the ocean’s shore requires an enormous amount of planning and saving, but the fact remains that I live in Hollywood, CA and Malibu is about a forty minute drive from my home. Week after week, I sigh (with lamentation) about how much I desire to go to the beach without making any effort to drive myself to its shores. Continue reading Being Selfish